Canine Partners

Canine Partners

Canine PartnersCome and marvel at the pure genius of these pawficently trained assistance dogs for disabled people, as they demonstrate their skills in the arena! We guarantee by the end, you’ll want to train your dog to get the washing out of the machine, answer the phone and pull off your socks too! An inspiring display with a positive can-do message.



Canine Partners are a registered charity that assists disabled people to enjoy greater independence and a better quality of life through the help of specially trained assistance dogs.



Canine Partners dogs provide practical day-to-day assistance with tasks that may be difficult, painful or impossible to perform. These incredible support dogs also provide special companionship, and that unconditional love and affection which is so unique to dogs.


At Paws in the Park you will be impressed by the training of these dogs to assist with practical tasks such as:

  • Opening and closing doors and cupboards
  • Retrieving a variety of items
  • Helping owners to get undressed
  • Pressing buttons and switches
  • Raising the alarm in an emergency
  • Unloading washing machines and tumble driers
  • Much more besides, depending on the individual’s needs!



Canine Partners training demonstration takes place in the arena at our Spring Show.



Find out more about Canine Partners by chatting to their team of professional experts at the Paws in the Park show or visit their website

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