Frisbee Display and Have a go


Some of Belgium's top Dog Frisbee competitors will be providing visitors with a fantastic display of freestyle moves and tricks in the main arena at the Spring and Autumn Show. You can also get a chance to try this amazing K9 sport with your own dog in the have a go area.



frisbee 1 350Frisbee is one of the dog sports that catches the eye of the general public as well as people involved in dog activities. Teams competing at the higher levels can demonstrate truly spectacular displays of teamwork and athletics.


Frisbee is very exciting for dogs because it engages the instinct to chase and stop small moving objects. It beats a ball because the disc proves a bigger challenge, it can hover and even reverse directions. Frisbee is a great way to have fun with your dog whilst training obedience at the same time and all dogs can play whatever their size of breed.




fribee 2 350The Dog Frisbee display will take place in the arena twice a day at the both Spring and Autumn shows. Exact times tbc.


In the 'have a go area' 2 Pro Dog Disc instructors will be providing help on how to throw the Frisbee and engage your dog in a fun but safe way.


There will also be a number of small competitions that will run throughout the weekend.

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