Richard Curtis duck herding

Richard Curtis: Heelwork to Music and K9 Quackers Duck Herding Display (Spring Show 2019 Only)

Richard CurtisMeet and watch the extremely talented Richard Curtis in action, one of the UK’s leading Heelwork to Music / canine freestyle handlers and duck herding experts!



Richard Curtis trains some of the most talented dogs in the UK! He has successfully competed in Canine freestyle (a blend of dog dancing and obedience), winning the Crufts freestyle final not once but four times!! In 2014, he won the international freestyle competition at Crufts with Whizzy’s fantastic and crowd-pleasing performance – he is simply ‘Pawsome\!



K9 Quackers Sheepdog Display

Richard will be demonstrating his sheepdog and duck herding display in the main arena at Paws in the Park Spring Show. This is a favourite for audiences both young and old and is very entertaining. Watch how Richard and his sheepdog 'Sidekicks' herd the ducks through various obstacles such as the Tunnel Of Doom and the Slippery Slide.

This sheepdog duck herding display is duck-u-tainment at its very best. With his own commentary, Richard engages the crowd with each set of ducks’ personalities. The audience is encouraged to participate throughout the demonstration and children are encouraged to come into the ring to form their own obstacles for the ducks to negotiate!


Have a Go Heelwork to Music (Doggy Dancing)

Richard will also be in the arena for a second time, for a Have a Go Heelwork to Music session. This is your chance to have a go at this popular sport, so bring your dog and your dancin’ shoes!




Richard Curtis will be in the arena at our Spring show.



Richard CurtisFind out more about Richard Curtis and his talented K9’s (and ducks) at his website or visit



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