Whats On Competitions FlyballYour Flyball dog team will love leaping over hurdles in a super fast paced relay race against other dogs, to release the tennis ball from the spring loaded pad in our Flyball competition!



Flyball teams ‘The Jets’, 'Barkshire Bandits' and ‘Tails We Win’ will be hosting the Flyball competitions at Paws in the Park Spring and Autumn Shows.



Flyball competitions are fast, fun and very popular with spectators!

  • At the Spring Paws in the Park show we will see the best teams in Europe compete in a BFA sanctioned tournament.
  • At the Autumn Paws in the Park Show we will see UKFL tournaments with some of the fastest teams in the world!

The competitions promise to be exciting and a spectacular addition to the show!




Flyball competitions will be held all day at both our Spring and Autumn shows.






Find out more about Flyball competitions and how to enter for the Paws in the Park shows by visiting the British Flyball Association’s website

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