K9 Aquazone

K9 Aquazone

Whats On Competitions K9 AquazoneYou will love watching the qualifying dogs leaping into water after their favourite toys in the Dash ‘N’ Splash competition.


It’s fast, fun, noisy, exciting and very, very splashy so bring a towel as spectators can get soggy too!





The K9 Aquazone is a totally entertaining splash zone of attractions that includes

  • Splash ‘n’ Grab race pools
  • The incredible Dash ‘n’ Splash leaping pool (Spring & Autumn Show)
  • Doggy paddle pools
  • Lots of wet pooches!

This doggy water sport requires a degree of specialist training to get dogs up to the speed and routine of the jumping and swimming required. We will be offering practice sessions all morning at the K9 Aquazone ‘have a go’ attraction so you and your dog can learn the skills before the competitive heats in the afternoon.


All qualifying dogs can compete in the afternoon for our special sponsors prizes and super rosettes!



 Dash N Splash and Splash N Grab competitions and Have a Go will be held at the Spring and Autumn Paws in the Park shows.  


Competition times each day are:

  • 3.45pm: Dash N Splash competition 





For those dogs that like water the unique K9 Aqua Zone includes ‘Dash 'N' Splash’ a fantastic attraction where dogs sprint along a 30ft ramp and then jump into a 40ft pool of water.


A Labrador/Pointer aptly named Dash holds the current European/UK record of over 28 feet.  Dash 'N' Splash was featured in the Daily Mail newspaper which generated a lot of interest from the media with radio interviews and TV coverage.


To see Dash N Splash at this years show - Click here to buy tickets




Dash ‘N’ Splash is very popular with dogs and their owners alike. The dogs get to show off their canine agility while the children love to get wet!






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