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Fun Agility for all dogs

Whats On Have a Go Fun AgilityYour dog will love flying over jumps, racing through tunnels,and negotiating in and out of weave poles in the ‘have a go’ fun agility ring at Paws in the Park!



Experts from Clix and Trix Dog Training Club will be on hand to point you and your dog in the right direction, so be assured you are in good hands.



The fun agility and trick training ring at Paws in the Park is a great opportunity to ‘have a go’ at this dog sport. All dogs and handlers have to start somewhere, so if you haven’t tried agility with your dog yet, or perhaps you both need a little practice or fine tuning the ‘have a go’ agility ring is certainly the place for you! No experience required.


hoopersNEW We will also have Hoopers have a go agility at the Spring and Autumn Show


Hoopers is a fun new agility, which utilises a series of ground-level obstacles called Hoops. Instead of physical dexterity, the challenge of Hoopers is entirely focused on the ability of the handler and the dog to work together as a smooth flowing team.
Hoopers is ideal for dogs that are too young or too old for agility or are unable to do impact sports. Hoopers is great fun and you and your dog will learn all the foundation principles of standard agility but instead be working with hoops and ground obstacles.

Suitable for dogs of all ages, and for puppies and dogs that are restricted to low impact activity.





The fun ‘have a go’ agility ring will be open all day at both our Spring and Autumn shows.



Unfortunately puppies cannot take part in agility – all dogs need to be at least one year old to take part. Providing your dog is fit and not suffering from any illness or injury, your dog can take part in our have a go agility. All types of dogs, irrespective of size, age and breed, love to have fun jumping over and through things – the trick is to get them to go in the right direction!





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