Temptation Alley

Temptation Alley

Temptation AlleyTemptation Alley really is open to all dog breeds, any pet dog or puppy can ‘have a go’ at this fun Paws in the Park attraction!


Your dog will be tempted by treats, toys and food whilst you call him back to you! The aim is for your dog to avoid temptation and come to you without picking up or eating anything en route…



Temptation Alley is a charity run ‘have a go’ attraction in which dogs should try and avoid tempting treats, toys and food and come straight back to their owner.


If your dog resists all the goodies and runs to you, well done! You and your faithful pooch will be given a certificate and a prize as a reward.



Temptation Alley will be run as an all day ‘have a go’ attraction at both our Spring and Autumn Shows.




Please note: Temptation Alley treats are provided by the organizers, so this activity may not be suitable for dogs with certain food allergies.

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